ICBC Claims: Whiplash injuries

Whiplash injuries are the most common injuries suffered in car accidents.

Whiplash injuries are typically found in the neck and lower back. They range from soft tissue injuries to injuries involving the spine itself.

Soft tissue injuries are often the most difficult to assess and resolve because they often are evidenced largely by the victim’s complaints of pain and discomfort.

Soft tissue injuries almost always lead to other problems: headaches and interference with sleep, and can lead to long-term or permanent problems such as chronic pain and depression.

Because of the unpredictable course of recovery for soft tissue injuries, no one should settle a soft tissue injury claim until after they have recovered fully and are back to their usual activities without complaints or, if full recovery has not been achieved, there’s expert opinion as to what the person is likely to suffer in future.

Although the severity of the initial injury is an important consideration when assessing a soft tissue injury claim, the victim is entitled to compensation based on how the injuries have affected their lives.

A recent court decision illustrates how claims are properly assessed, “She was a woman of enormous energy who thrived on her work outside and inside the home. Her essential identity has been taken from her. Her life was full of interest and joy. She is no longer that woman.”

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